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about jamal abilmona

About me

Knowledge Alchemy, like most things in my life, is a result of being at the right time and the right place with an open heart and a curious mind. My journey into education and then into eLearning has been a beautifully organic one, which has led me to some pretty exotic places and life-changing adventures. 

I arrived on Knowledge Alchemy through universal serendipidy. It evolved out of people in my own circle wanting to create courses that not only make money, but make a difference. Like me, they were also led by a drive to improve lives and make the world a better place through educating others. 

So, I stepped into the entrepreneurial world and discovered that in the online learning boom, so much of the integrity and quality of learning has been buried under the noise. Where do you even start? How will your course stand out? How can you create positive change in such a crowded marketplace?

This is why I’m so passionate about working with knowledge creators to make their online learning offerings purpose-driven, learner-centred, and outcome-oriented, with a core focus on the learner experience.

For me, and for my clients, sharing what we know with the world is not only vital in creating a return on investment – it is the magic that creates a purposeful return on impact.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to connect and see how we can work together to create your course and make it the best course it can be!

Listen to episodes of the Knowledge Alchemy Podcast, where I speak with people from various fields of thought and influence who are using their knowledge to empower others.

Visit my blog page to learn more about what learning design is, and why it’s so important to creating learning experiences that attract, engage and retain your audience.