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Imagine creating your ideal course

Imagine if you created a course that was not only a source of income for your business, but a course that deeply connected with people?

What if your course was able to inspire positive change in your audience, leadng to incredible outcomes in their lives?

What if your learners were taken on such a journey, that they shout your course from the rooftops, bringing you an even wider audience?

Imagine if your course is so well-structured and designed that you are free to spend less time delivering your content and have more time to focus on developing other areas of your business.

Imagine if your course did all of these things? What would this mean for you? Think of the possibilities!

What if?

You’ve spent your career creating and delivering your knowledge and you’re now ready to transform it into a world-class course of purpose and impact.

Through our journey together, I provide you with a framework and guidelines based on best practice learning design to deliver to your audience.

For you, this means engagement and retention in your course, a supportive learner journey for your audience, an increased audience base, and peace of mind that your course  speaks for itself. 

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Features of Knowledge Alchemy

The Knowledge Alchemy Process

Knowledge Alchemy is a customised process designed to transform your knowledge into purposeful and impactful learning experiences. Through this process, we collaborate to re-imagine of your existing body of knowledge for online learning by bridging the gap between your genius, your goal, and your audience’s needs. The process of creating your course is a collaborative one. We work together in three phases:

If you’re ready to take the Knowledge Alchemy journey and create your ideal course, then let’s connect. I’m here to help you turn your vision into reality and support you every step of the way. 

My focus is on helping you create learner-centred, active and engaged learning with a strong focus on transformative and flexible experiences. I’m not a marketing specialist, launch expert, or salesperson.

I don’t provide advice on how to market or sell your course, but I do take my years of working in the online and higher education sector to help you create a course that is founded in educational theory and approaches to truly create transformation in your audience.