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Session Details

Session 1: Explore

In this session, you explore who you are, who you want to reach, what you want to tell them, and why this message is important. Throughout this session, you unpack the 5 Qs of Knowledge Alchemy (IQ, EQ, AQ, PQ, CQ) that will help you refine your idea and gain clarity on how you want to deliver it. You will also work through a Course Purpose template to help you clarify the aim of our course. This will help ensure that all of your content is in alignment and provide your learners on a clear and guided path throughout the course.

• Complete the 5 Qs of Knowledge Alchemy worksheet pre-session.
• Complete Course Purpose worksheet to complete in-session.

• Clarity around the who, what, and why of your course.
• Clarity of purpose.
• Alignment between your course purpose and the 5Qs.

Session 2: Audit

In this session you look at any existing content you have and work through the Content Auditing worksheet. You then create a course concept map that will help you visualise your key course content areas. Finally, you also extract and create detailed course learning outcomes. These will form the foundation of all content you create, keep you on track during your content creation, and ensure each lesson is targeted towards learner achievement. At the end of this session, you will be clear on your course learning outcomes and your key course content areas. You will also have clarity on whether your content meets the 5Qs and around the alignment between the course purpose and your content.

• Complete course learning outcomes pre-session.
• Complete content audit worksheet in-session.
• Create course concept map in-session.

• Clarifying already existing content.
• Identifying content gaps.
• Identifying roadblocks or challenges.
• Aligning course purpose with the problem solved.
• Clarifying learning outcomes.

Session 3: Plan

In this session, you will review different modes of delivery to decide how you want to present your course content. You will also be presented with a choice of project management tools to help you plan and manage your course content creation schedule. You will work through how to distil your content into a detailed Course Blueprint that will form the structure of your course.

• Review modes of delivery pre-session.
• Complete course blueprint in-session and post-session.

• Clarity on the modes of delivery for your course.
• A clear course structure.
• Content creation project schedule.

Session 4: Create

In this session you will learn about designing for learnability to ensure that your course design is aimed at optimum learner experience. You will also learn how to take your course blueprint (the overall structure) and distil that further into individual lessons that will make up your course modules. You’ll provided with Lesson Outline templates that will assist you in planning out the details of each lesson and designing for learnability.

• Review designing for learnability principles pre-session.
• Review Lesson Outline templates in-session.
• Create Lesson Outlines post-session.

• Understanding of how learners learn best in an online environment.
• Clarity around how to design for learnability.
• Clarity on how do design and create each lesson based on your Course Blueprint.

Session 5: Activate

In this session you will discuss video recording options as well as scriptwriting guidelines and structure for video lessons. You will also learn how to create Learning Activation exercises to activate learning through the creation transformative learning opportunities for your learners.

• Review video creation options and tools pre-session.
• Review video script guidelines and template pre-session.
• Write video scripts post-session.
• Discuss learning activation guidelines in-session.
• Complete learning activation templates post-session.

• Clarity around script content and structure.
• Clarity on how to write tasks that activate learning and keep learners engaged.

Session 6: Implement

This session is about choosing the best platform in which to build and deliver your course. You look at the best way to design the learner experience in your chosen platform and work through and work through how to implement your content into the platform in a way that captures and engages your audience. You will also be guided through the QA process and provided with a QA checklist and feedback form for the final review of the course.

• Complete course platform task list and checklist pre-session.
• Implement course content into platform post-session.
• Conduct quality assurance review post-session.

• Choose your course platform.
• An understanding of how to best implement your content into your chosen platform.
• Quality assurance review guidelines to help you refine and finalise your course.

Session 7: Transform

You have now reached the point of refining your product into gold. This session is up to you! Overall, this is your session, and you get to choose what is going to serve you. It may be that you’d like to use this session after your course has run to discuss any feedback, updates, or additions you may like to make. You may wish to use it as an opportunity to get feedback on your lessons or video scripts, or on our learning activation tasks. Or you may wish to debrief the whole process and ask any questions you may have about where to next!