6-Week Course Consulting

For the established coach or service provider
looking for expert guidance and support to create your first course


Are you stuck in course creation limbo?


Have you been dreaming of creating an online course for months, or even years, but you're not sure what steps to take next?

Maybe you've even drafted your course outline, only to find yourself paralysed with indecision, unsure of how to move forward.

The overwhelm of the course creation process has left you frustrated, feeling like you're spinning your wheels without making any progress.

You're ready to break the cycle of inaction and indecision and finally create your course!

Introducing Course Alchemy
  An Exclusive 6-Week 1:1 Consulting Program

Course Alchemy‚ÄĒa high-touch, 1:1¬†program designed specifically for purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you, who are ready to turn their course creation dreams into reality.

Course Alchemy is a six-week journey together, where I serve as your course coach and mentor, guiding you every step of the way as your partner and co-creator.

What to expect from Course Alchemy


Based on years of experience in course creation and online education, I offer you proven frameworks, strategies, and insights to craft a course that not only resonates with your audience but also fulfills your unique vision.


You're not alone in this journey. I'm here by your side, offering unwavering support and guidance to help you navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and stay focused on your goals.


I keep you accountable to your vision and values, providing guidance and direction for to stay on track and celebrate your wins along the way.


This isn't a one-size-fits-all program. Course Alchemy is tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring that your course reflects your purpose, energy, and vision.


Course Alchemy is all about taking action. With a clear roadmap and personalised guidance, you'll move forward with confidence, turning your ideas into¬†something tangible.¬†No more spinning your wheels or feeling stuck‚ÄĒyou'll be empowered to take steps towards creating your dream course.

What you'll gain from Course Alchemy

  • Guidance:Step-by-step guidance¬†at¬†each¬†stage of your course¬†development,¬†from¬†your initial idea, to creating your course content.¬†

  • Clarity: Gain a crystal-clear understanding of your audience and how to design the best online course for them.

  • Confidence: Step into your role as a course creator with confidence and conviction.

  • Impact: Make a meaningful difference in the lives of your learners.

  • Freedom: Break free from doubt and inaction, and create more free time and income on your terms.


AUD 3,200


  • 1 x Course mapping workshop:¬†
    In the exclusive and immersive 1:1 workshop, we lay the foundations for your course and map out your course content into a cohesive course curriculum. 
  • 6 x 60-minute consulting calls:¬†
    Each week for 6 weeks, we'll meet via Zoom to check-in, brainstorm, plan, and create your content. These sessions are tailored to your needs and give you guidance, accountability, clarity, and confidence through each phase of your course creation journey.
  • Personal Feedback:
    I will review your course content and resources as you develop them, and provide in-depth personalised feedback in between sessions.
  • Email Support:
    Unlimited email support within 24 hours to keep you moving forward, answer your questions, and provide guidance between sessions.

What people are saying

Who this is for

This is for you if:

‚úĒ You¬†want to serve more people, while creating more space in your life and business.

‚úĒ You want to avoid wading through the internet mine-field only to find inflated promises and empty outcomes.

‚úĒ You are committed to the process and ready to show up and do the work.

‚úĒ¬†You want to create a¬†hight quality course that you can deliver time and time again.

Who this is not for

 This is not for you if:

‚ėď You're looking for marketing and sales strategies and tactics. ¬†

‚ėstYou want to create a course for the sole purpose of making a passive income without making a positive contribution.

‚ėstYou're looking for quick tricks to scale your business at the cost of the learner experience.¬†

‚ėstYou care more about making money than making¬†an impact through sharing your expertise.


Jamal Abilmona - Course Creation Coach

Hi, I'm Jamal

 Course Strategist & Kajabi Specialist

When I made the move from my career in higher education to embark on my entrepreneurial journey of helping experts transform their knowledge into online courses, I quickly recognised a significant gap within the industry.

The online course industry presents an incredible opportunity for experts to share their knowledge and expand their businesses. However, it also led to a flood of poor quality courses. Why? Because many of these courses lacked the essential foundations necessary to empower true transformation.

As a result, people have become more discerning when it comes to investing in online courses. This means that course creators need to reevaluate their approach if they want to achieve true success.

Drawing upon my background as an educator and e-learning designer for leading Australian universities and influential entrepreneurs, I understand the impact a well-crafted course can have on both your business and your people. 

My promise to you

I will be your guide and biggest supporter, but you will have to do the work. To get your course done, I will lay the path, light the torches, give you the map, and guide your way. But you have to take each step to get to the final destination.

What I can promise you is¬†confidence¬†that your course will deliver a personal¬†and¬†powerful¬†learning experience - one that is purpose-driven, learner-centred, and outcome-oriented, so that you can create a course that offers not only a¬†return on investment ‚Äď but a return on impact.

How will this show up for you? It will show up as amazing testimonials, referrals, repeat clients, and returning students who will sign up for other courses you offer. Why? Because giving them a phenomenal education experience, and them getting the transformation they invested in, means they will trust you and want to keep learning from you.