Course Creation VIP Day

For the purpose-driven entrepreneur
who wants to kick-start their course creation journey.

Are you an expert in your field, with a wealth of knowledge waiting to be shared with a broader audience?

Are you looking to make a lasting impact by transforming your expertise into a compelling online course?

Welcome to the Course Creation VIP Day:
A transformative full-day experience designed exclusively for you.

Is your lack of clarity and procrastination stopping you from maximising your impact, expanding your influence, and increasing your income?

Then this VIP Course Creation Day is for you. Together, we will build a course that you can be proud of, and feel confident makes a a meaningful difference in their people's lives.

The VIP Course Creation Day is all about bringing out the magic that's in your head, and crafting it into a blueprint for an engaging and empowering online course.

What to expect

Step 1

We lay the foundations of your heroic learner's journey, and get crystal clear on the transformation, outcomes and promise of your course.  This foundational step sets the stage for your course's purpose and impact.

Step 2

We map out your heroic learner's journey by translating your knowledge into a powerful course outline that guides your participants to the ultimate transformation while engaging them every step of the way. 

Step 3 

We create your epic course blueprint, which includes your entire curriculum and content plan. You'll walk away with a comprehensive framework for developing a course that leaves a lasting impact. 


How it works


Schedule your VIP day

Choose a date on my calendar that works with your schedule when you can be available for the day.

After paying the 50% deposit, you’ll receive a welcome email with the link to your pre-work.


Complete your pre-work

You'll complete a pre-work spreadsheet that will lay the foundations for what we'll do together in the VIP day. 

This pre-work is designed to get the foundations out of the way, so on the day, we can focus on building out your offer. 


Attend your VIP day

We spend a full day together (virtually - or in-person if you're in Melbourne) creating your course blueprint. 

I'll guide you through my course creation framework that will get you from idea to blueprint in one day, so you can bring your course to life! 


Your accountability call

One week after your VIP day, we'll have a follow-up accountability call via Zoom. 

This is for you to share your progress, and for me to provide valuable feedback. It's an opportunity to refine your course blueprint, and get clarity on any questions.



Additional support ...

30 days of email support

For 30 days following your VIP day, you'll also get email support from me for any additional questions you have about developing, refining, and delivering your course content.

Course Creation Planner

You'll also get a copy of my course creation planner to help you plan your course content creation, set milestones, and manage your project with clarity and ease.


AUD 1,400


  • Pre-work:¬†You'll receive a pre-work questionnaire ahead of the VIP day¬†to help us get the most out of our day together.
  • 1 x Full-day VIP worshop via Zoom:¬†
    We dive deep into your course idea and map out your course outline and learner journey. We refine your course vision, structure your curriculum, and map out your content. You will walk away with a clear blueprint for your course, ready to captivate your audience and drive results
  • 1¬†x 60-minute follow-up call after 1 week:¬†
    To ensure that your course lifts-off, we'll have a course lift-off call 2 weeks after our VIP day to refine your course blueprint and get your course launch-ready.
  • 30 days of follow up suport:¬†Unlimited email support within 24 hours to keep you moving forward, answer your questions, and provide feedback.
  • Bonus course creation planner:¬†To plan out your course content creation and manage your course project.¬†

What people are saying

Jamal Abilmona - Course Creation Coach

Hi, I'm Jamal

 Course Strategist & Kajabi Specialist

With decades of experience in global education, I'm an expert in course design and how people learn.

I'm also a highly intuitive person who's superpower is extracting your unique knowledge, and transforming it into a powerful and impactful learning journey for your people. 

By leveraging your expertise, I help you build a knowledge legacy that resonates with your people, and make a positive difference in the world.